1. What is Hair Krack?

 -Hair Krack is a natural base product using some of nature's profolic hair stimulants without the use of any chemicals. Hair Krack is designed to induce healthier hair preventing hair loss and creating a new hair follicular cycle.

2. What is Hair Krack used for?

-It's used to give consumers suffering from massive hair loss or damaged hair usually their edges and the nape.

3. Is Hair Krack a relaxer or perm?

-No, it's not. Our product is all natural, no chemicals or animal products are added.

4. Can Hair Krack straighten your hair?

-It's not a chemical straightener but, you can use it before flat ironing or hot combing.

5. Can Hair Krack be used on color treated hair?

-Yes, it can be used on color treated hair and will not alter the color of your hair.

6. Can HK be used on relaxed hair?

-Yes, it can be used on relaxed hair. You can use it as a hair protector before you flat iron the hair.

7. Can you use HK on Locks or Twist?

-Yes, you can use it on your lock or twists.

8. Is HK good for split ends?

-Yes, it's excellent for split ends. Split ends occur when you use your curling iron or flat iron too much. You can prevent them from coming so often by cutting them every six to eight weeks. When your hair (from scalp to ends) are moisturized them are not easy to break or split.

9. Can HK grow my edges and nape back?

-Yes, it can. So many women have problems in both of these areas. They use to wear a lot of ponytail and cornrows. Our edges are very sensitive. They will start to grow and then fall out again. With the consistent use of HK you will see results.

10. Can men use HK?

Sure, they can. Men have as many problems with their hair as women do.