About Us

You heard about it in the movie “Beauty Shop” starring Queen Latifah

Now introducing the product “Hair Krack” the all natural hair stimulant


"Hair Krack” is designed to induce healthier hair. Preventing hair loss and creating a new hair follicular cycle. Hair Krack is a natural base product, using some of nature’s prolific hair stimulants without the use of any chemicals.


Olive Oil: One of the most shocking benefits of olive oil is that it can prevent and even cure hair loss


Vitamin E: is an antioxidant that helps repair and build tissue



Carrot Oil: Strengthens hairs, preventing split ends, and breakage



Lavender Oil: Fights against hair shedding, Helps prevent baldness, Strengthens hair follicles which promotes hair growth.


Coconut Oil: Improved blood circulation to your scalp will ensure that your hair follicles receive the required amount of essential nutrients


Tea Tree Oil: acts as a moisturizer to your hair and scalp that helps to control the excess oil,


Sweet Almond Oil: increases the gloss or shine of the hair


Macadamia Nut Oil: enhances the hair and the scalp’s ability to retain moisture








Objective is to give a natural base product to consumers suffering

from massive hair loss or damaged hair by using products diluted with

other ingredients which takes away from their natural base element to

promote healthier hair, instantly. Through the consistent use of Hair

Krack our consumers will maintain healthier hair. Restoring and

revitalizing hair follicles through consistent usage.